VISUM™ Fertilizer: Exclusive wireless flow blockage monitoring technology for dry fertilizer.

Detects product flow failures during strip-till fertilizer or deep placement banding application.

An unique flow monitoring system for fertilizer, wireless and resistant to dirt, dust and wear.

The VISUM™ Fertilizer sensor system monitors the flow in each line and alerts the operator about product plugging and flow failure.

It features the best efficiency in the market, utilizing vibration sensors, which are resistant to the effects of crusting, unlike conventional optical sensors.

Provides you peace of mind knowing your fertilizer is being applied.

Increase your profitability with the correct use of fertilizer.

Installation Manual
    • Unique Patent-Pending technology;
    • 100% wireless technology;
    • Fast and easy to install;
    • No modifications required to existing equipment;
    • Rainproof, dust and dirt proof;
    • Wear-resistant stainless steel liner;
    • Maintenance free;
    • No battery replacement;
    • Compatible with all major Isobus systems.

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